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“Fantastic job! Harry Taylor could not have been more helpful. Very tidy and excellent work."
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“Many thanks for a great job. The engineers were most helpful and provided great support.”
Bryce and Wood Ltd
Introduction to case study:
Harry Taylor of Ashton Ltd was approached by a property development company working on behalf of Bryce & Wood Ltd of Blyth near Newcastle looking for a heating solution for a new building, 1,500 sqm and 8.5m high.

The building had not been built and planning permission had yet to be obtained. The structure would have low traffic as it is to be used for the storage of archived data with a minimum internal temperature requirement of 10 deg C. when -5 deg C outside. The client had originally intended to heat the space with electric heating but because of the size of the structure we advised against this due to running cost reasons especially when Natural Gas was available on the site.

When designing the system we were faced with quite a few problems. The building was large and tall and the heating load low in relation to the space at only 90 kW. These factors would produce severe heat distribution and stratification problems which would be further aggravated because around 70% of the space was to be racked out to roof level. It was imperative that the temperature around the building was constant to provide temperature protection for the building contents but equally important was fuel economy and hence carbon saving. A normal system using warm air heaters and destratification fans would not allow thermal equilibrium because of the low temperature requirements in the building and the density of racking. Such a system could also cause discomfort problems and be both expensive to install and maintain. After careful consideration it was decided that the best solution would be the use of an Air Rotation system. Air Rotation systems comprise a small number of units strategically placed within the premises they are to heat. These operate by circulating large volumes of air at low velocities and temperatures thereby maintaining constant air circulation in the building. This system reduces stratification and provides a uniformity of heat that is difficult to match. They are best used in buildings that operate 24 hours per day and because of this no allowance is required for pre heat meaning that a lower heat input is required. In short we were able to reduce the scheme to one floor mounted air rotation heater with no destratification requirements and was ideal for this application.

Our solution:
Planning permission was achieved and site construction commenced. The heating system consisted of one Nordair Niche IDF5V Vertical Air Rotation unit. The system works very effectively.

The unit is 91% efficient and is listed on the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme and is rated for an output of 100 kW. Because the unit uses parts readily available in standard unit heaters and all serviceable components are at low level (burner, heat exchanger, fan etc) maintenance is simple without the need for access equipment. The value of the project was £15,700 + VAT.

Life costs should be very good, the system has been reduced to one piece of equipment and all parts are at low level, therefore maintenance and service costs are kept to a minimum. The heater itself has a low leaving air temperature and a continual air flow and therefore will be under stressed which should allow for a very long life span.
"This was one of our first Air Rotation system projects. The result was very
impressive and allows the customer the option to reorganise the layout of the
building without the need to re-site the heater which would almost certainly been the case with a more traditional heater and destratification system".
James Howard - Harry Taylor of Ashton

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