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Oxted Colour Printers - Surrey
“Fantastic job! Harry Taylor could not have been more helpful. Very tidy and excellent work."
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“Many thanks for a great job. The engineers were most helpful and provided great support.”
GKN Aerospace Ltd
Introduction to case study:
When Harry Taylor were asked to site survey GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems Ltd of Luton Bedfordshire had a centralised steam boiler system which was nearing the end of its life. This consisted of 4 steam boilers. The project we were given was to produce a decentralised heating system for the factory allowing individual control of the many distinct areas within the factory. The Client's objective was to shut down the steam boilers with efficiencies possibly as low as 50% and replace them with warm air heaters on the Energy Technology List with efficiencies greater than 91% providing individual control of the many distinct areas within the factory significantly reducing the Carbon Footprint of the Factory by reducing the gas consumption on the site.

GKN wanted to use Energy Efficient Equipment and as our web site shows that we try to always specify products on the Energy Technology List they were keen to see what we would propose.

The buildings that we were charged to heat covered an area of approximately 6,060 square metres. As we were working in an existing building it was important that we did not affect business continuity within the premises. The premises are a collection of buildings of varying age and fabric. The main building which houses the offices and part of the production is of brick fabric. There are also a selection of buildings of mainly brick construction with a variety of roofs some with cladding and others with flat bitumen roofs. Within these areas are closed control areas that we were not responsible for as they had their own HVAC systems. We were concerned with the general working areas. Each building was carefully measured and heat losses calculated taking account of building fabric.

We also looked at efficiency measures specifying destratification fans where appropriate. All heaters were to be fitted with optimised controllers. Not only do these optimise heater use they also can be set to meter use of each heater. As members of HVCA and BESCA we are able to self certify our works as far as Building Regulations are concerned.
Our solution:
We used Benson VRA room sealed heaters and Reznor UDSA room sealed heaters which were at that time both on the Energy Technology List. Each heater was controlled using an optimised controller giving zoned control of each area. The customer has monitored the performance of the system and they have been able to achieve weekly savings of approximately 12.95 Tonnes of Carbon per week.
We are very pleased with the warm air heating solution that we provided for GKN Aerospace. The installed system is both cost effective and energy efficient.
James Howard - Harry Taylor of ashton

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