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Evaporative Cooling installation methods

An overview and summary
There are two principles of installation: External and Internal

Evaporative coolers - External installation - Down discharge

The majority of coolers are installed in this way. The extract would typically be 80% of the total cooler capacity.

Roof mounted down discharge systems are typically mounted using a soaker sheet to provide a weather proof installation.
evaporative cooler down discharge installation
Pitched Metal Roof – flat soaker sheet
Pitched metal roof – GRP finish
Membrane Roof
Down discharge into side wall
Glass panel replacement
down discharge evaporative cooling system
Pitched metal roof – profiled soaker
Flat Roof – Felt
With Attenuator
Flat soaker sheet to ridge cap
Skylight replacement

Evaporative coolers - External installation - Top discharge

top discharge evaporative cooler
Gantry Mount
evaporative cooling down discharge
Floor mount

Evaporative coolers - External installation - Side discharge

This installation is often used where roof access is difficult.
side discharge evaporative cooling system
Side discharge into cladding
Side discharge into plant room
evaporative coolers side discharge
With sound attenuator
external installation evaporative coolers
Side discharge into ducting
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