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HT Evaporative cooler range overview

A logical alternative to air conditioning

The Harry Taylor evaporative cooler range uses the most advanced technology to provide a:

Low Cost

way of keeping people cool.

SIMPLE air distribution systems deliver cool, fresh air to provide complete factory coverage or spot cooling.

Sophisticated process controls together with naturally low water operating temperatures assures a hygienic, and SAFE, cooling unit.

At 25% of the installed cost, and 10% of the running cost of air conditioning evaporative coolers are truly LOW COST cooling systems.

evaporative cooling systems
General product information:
With four simple installation options evaprative cooling can offer an affordable opportunity to managing the temperature in the workplace:

evaporative cooling installations
Keep cool, simply , safely at low cost
The heat generated in today’s industrial and commercial buildings can quickly become unbearable when ambient temperatures increase. A poorly ventilated and hot working environment directly effects the attitude of a workforce or your customers.

In manufacturing high temperatures lead to :

Human productivity falling by 4% for every degree over 22 C
Human errors increasing by up to 40% at 32 C

With only a fraction of the moving parts of an air conditioning system and requiring only the simplest of services evaporative cooling is the simplest method of cooling your building.

Potentially dangerous organisms do not present a risk as the water in an evaporative cooler circulates at a naturally cool temperature. Unique design and process controls prevent
water stagnation. The plastic and stainless steel construction avoids corrosion. The ECP16000 internal evaporated cooler supplies a constant flow of naturally cooled air without the use of environmentally damaging refrigerants.

Low cost
Typically an ECP16000 is 25% of the capital cost of a refrigerant based industrial air conditioning system. This, together with only 10% of the running cost, makes evaporative cooling a practical and realistic solution to people cooling in industrial and commercial space operations.

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