ECPS Evaporative cooler - Side discharge

Typical running costs are only 10% of air conditioning

Meets all European safety regulations
Cabinets are UV stabilised and corrosion free
Simple, safe and low cost
Environmentally friendly cooling
Lower capital cost than air conditioning
Ecocoolers consume 85% less electricity than conventional air conditioning systems
ECPS evaporative cooler - Side discharge
General product information:
Nominally rate at 12,000m3/hr this evaporative cooler is manufactured in an ISO 9002 quality environment.

Based upon an ECPD EcoCooler a single side panel is replaced by a stainless steel fan transistion element. A further stainless steel blanking plate is used to seal the existing venturi position.

Duct can be fixed to the steel element or to the 600mm internal diameter venture.

The cooler can be supplied complete or as a set change parts. The procedure for conversion is:

Remove all four sides
Remove water distributor from side where fan is going and plug the water pipe.
Fit fan transition element and fix with self drilling screws.
Unclip venturi/fan from sump and locate in transition element (It is not nessesary to disconnect the power fan cable)
Fix bottom blanking plate with 8 self drilling screws replace 3 sides.
Fan transition element
Conversion kit
1 x fan transition element
4 x 8mm nuts/bolts for fan fixing
1 x bottom blanking plate
18 x self drilling screws
1 x 15mm hose plug

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