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ECPSDU Evaporative cooler - Internal suspended
Energy efficient cooling of people and buildings
Meets all Eurpean safety regulations
Cabinets are UV stabilised and corrosion free
Simple, safe and low cost
natural way of producing refreshing cool air
Far cheaper than air conditioning systems
Ecocoolers consume 85% less electricity than conventional air conditioning systems
General product information:
Internal suspended evaporative coolers utilise the fresh air from an existing ventilation system. Due to the relatively light weight most buildings can support these units without any structural changes.

> All services run from above

> No floor space occupied

> Easily relocated as factory layouts    change

> Simple installation with minimal    disruption

Note that each system requires a minimum of 4m 3/s ventilation to maintain efficiency & performance.

Unit Specification
Based on an EcoCooling ECP16000 this unit is designed to be suspended from the roof structure.

Services Requirements:

>Electricity: Single phase 240V 1.5KW 13A

           o  Flow rate: minimum 500 l/hr
           o  Pressure: min 1 bar max 7 bar

>Drain: Minimum capacity 2000l/hr to an appropriate trade effluent waste point

>Control: 30m cable supplied as standard to wall mounted controller. Units can be controlled individually or in groups.

> Total operating weight 120Kg
> Suspension points at 1450mm x700mm

Louvre System:
> Laser cut from Stainless Steel
> Five way distribution
         o  Four sides
         o  Base
> Delivered flat to allow complete flexibility of air distribution during commissioning.

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