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Eliturbo destratification fans
Quietly cutting costs...while you work!
Save up to 30% on heating costs
Quietly cutting costs...while you work!
Engineered to provide constant mixing of air in a large environment
Utilises an innovative ‘convergent-divergent’ mixing process.
Mixes and recirculates warm air produced
by heaters
Eliminates the stratification of temperature & humidity in industrial and commercial buildings.
Quietly cutting costs...while you work!
The Problem:
It is common knowledge that heat rises, escaping through the windows, walls and roof. This creates two major problems:

1. Energy losses.
2. Difficulty in heating the air at ground level.

Stratification of humidity occurs in the opposite sense, with higher
moisture levels towards the lower areas of the building. This can create uncomfortable working and living conditions at certain times of the year. Problems associated with this include:

Deterioration of the structure and fittings due to:
1. a. Condensation b. Oxidation

2. Environmental discomfort.

Standard helical destratifiers are thermostatically controlled to avoid the flow of cold air towards floor level after the initial mass of hot air has been expelled. It follows that the operation of traditional destratifiers is intermittent, with the unit idle until there is a build up of hot air in the roof area. This type of operation generates unsatisfactory conditions at ground level. Furthermore, heat recuperation is discontinuous and incomplete. In addition, the movement of air in a vertical direction does not generate uniform distribution horizontally. There is therefore still a problem of varying conditions in different zones within the building.

The Solution:
Eliturbo is a breakthrough in electric fan design; it has been engineered to provide constant mixing of air in a large environment. This process eliminates the stratification of temperature and humidity in industrial and commercial buildings. To ensure the correct mixing of air a specially designed helicentrifugal rotor has been developed. This utilises an innovative ‘convergent-divergent’ mixing process. The continual mixing of air layers creates a zonal equilibrium in terms of temperature, humidity and pressure. The Eliturbo helicentrifugal rotor permits uniform mixing of the air without pronounced air draughts. Its action is continuous and facilitates consistent microclimatic conditions. Eliturbo is a preventative system not a corrective one. It replaces traditional destratifiers (helical blades) which transfer hot air from ceiling to ground level, creating downward draughts which can cause discomfort to personnel. The Eliturbo unit mixes and recirculates warm air produced by heaters. This inhibits stratification and achieves thermal equilibrium throughout the building.
The benefits: Global mixing of
air in a large building produces the following effects:
Winter season:
1: Elimination of thermal gradient.
2: Reduction in heat loss.
3: Increase in ground level temperature.
4: Uniform temperature within the building.
5: Improvement in environmental conditions.
6: Utilisation of heat produced by operations and / or machinery.
7: Energy savings.

Summer season:
1. Universal and uniform ventilation throughout the building.
2. Reduces corrosion of the building structures.
3. Dispersion of fumes and odours.
4. Reduction in building humidity.
The applications:
Eliturbo can be used in industrial and commercial buildings to improve the efficiency of the heating plant, and improve working conditions. Heat produced by machinery and production processes is dispersed and used to heat the building in winter. During summer the unit ventilates the
building using external air, helping to disperse fumes, odours and humidity.

The Eliturbo installation reduces the high heat losses characteristic of this sector. Humidity and chlorine vapour are also reduced at pool level. Low velocities (<0.1m/s)
minimise draughts and discomfort.


Greenhouses are subject to high heat losses which prevent the correct distribution of temperature for cultivation.
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