Harry Taylor is committed to helping its customers reduce their Carbon footprint by designing systems using energy efficient products. Through its membership of CORGI, HVCA and BESCA Harry Taylor has made sure that the service it offers is of the highest standard. We have developed a close relationship with the Carbon Trust through the various schemes the Trust operates and we have been CARBON TRUST ACCREDITED INSTALLERS since February 2012

Energy efficiency information of interest:
Concern about global warming has prompted world leaders to introduce various initiatives to encourage business to invest in energy efficient equipment. Our Government has taken this a step further by specifically taxing carbon fuels to discourage use but at the same time introducing increased tax allowances for people investing in energy efficient products. Harry Taylor takes environmental issues very seriously - please see our Environmental Policy. We also actively promote products that will give greatest benefit to our customers.
The Carbon Trust - is an independent organisation funded by the Government to manage various initiatives to help encourage businesses and the Public Sector to reduce their Carbon Footprint by investing in low carbon Technologies.  Using tax receipts from the climate change levy applied to electricity invoices – the Carbon Trust have developed schemes to help businesses – particularly small and medium sized (SME’s) to fund energy saving investment. 
ECA Scheme -A number of products we specify and install are registered on the Energy Technology List. This is a Government sponsored scheme of qualifying technologies managed by the Carbon Trust. For any product registered on this scheme you will be able to write off the whole of your investment against your Corporation Tax liability in the year of purchase. This could lead to quite a saving. For more information please refer to the Carbon Trust Website.
Energy efficient financing:- Through Carbon Trust and Siemens
Through a new partnership between the Carbon Trust and Siemens it will be possible to gain finance on favourable terms to help finance projects for all size organisation, public or private. The idea is to pay the loan off by the energy savings the new system will provide. The Carbon Trust will make sure that the proposed scheme meets the criteria and Siemens will provide the finance.

Who qualifies?
Private and Public Sector Organisations
Energy Efficiency schemes of value greater than £1,000
Lease, Loan & other options
Payments to be funded from energy savings
Flexible repayment terms
We have the experience of delivering solutions that qualify for these loans.  Interested? Then contact us for help and guidance.
Local service with national support
from the company with the know-how
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