Evaporative cooling: Efficient cooling with environmental responsibility

Whether you work in an office, warehouse, factory, shop or showroom most places of work require cooling in summer months. Until now the only cooling solution has been refrigerant based air conditioning and this has been restricted to high yielding accommodation such as shops or offices.Furthermore recent Energy price rises have put energy efficiency at the top of everyone's "to do" list & have raised questions about the sustainability of traditional air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling from the company with the know - how

Evaporative cooling solutions and systems

warm air heating
Evaporative cooling is a cost effective alternative to expensive conventional air conditioning systems. Read on about how it works and can be of benefit to your workplace.
radiant heating
When keeping your staff productive during even the hottest months is essential, you should consider evaporative cooling as the solution for your workplace.
industrial factory heating picture
Evaporative cooling provides the most efficient high temperature relief for large and small data centres. When safe data storage is essential consider our cooling solutions.
workshop heating installation
From initial consultation to installation and maintenance, Harry Taylor of Ashton provide comprehensive cooling solutions for all types of warehouse.
When keeping your customers and staff cool is essential, evaporative cooling is a cost effective and energy efficient solution for gyms of all sizes with systems tailored to suit.
Maintain productivity with complete energy efficient cooling solutions for the busy workshop. Evaporative cooling systems are adaptable to all types of premises.
industrial heating accessories
Evaporative cooling systems can be provided in a number of different installation types, with solutions tailored to suit.
energy efficient loans
Through the Carbon Trust and Siemens energy finance scheme we can help companies obtain low cost loans to pay for new energy efficient heating systems.
Discover why evaporative cooling solutions are both more energy efficient and more economically viable than air conditioning.
Evaporative cooling systems are energy efficient solutions. Access this page for a full view of the benefits.
With offices in Bromley and a fleet of engineers, Harry Taylor of Ashton are ideally placed to provide evaporative cooling to London & the south east.
With offices in Ashton and a fleet of engineers, Harry Taylor of Ashton are ideally placed to provide evaporative cooling to Manchester & the North.
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