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Evaporative cooling: Efficient cooling with environmental responsibility from Harry Taylor of Ashton Ltd

Whether you work in an office, warehouse, factory, shop
or showroom most places of work require cooling in
summer months. Until now the only cooling solution has
been refrigerant based air conditioning and this has been restricted to high yielding accommodation such as shops or offices. Furthermore recent Energy price rises have put energy efficiency at the top of everyone’s “to do” list and have raised questions about the sustainability of traditional air conditioning.

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BESCA has been established by the Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association to act as an independent assessment and certification body for the building services industry. Under the Government’s “Enhanced Capital Allowance” scheme, these producst attract Tax benefit for the “End –User” businesses purchasing them.  Under the scheme the full value of an installed system can be written off against Corporation Tax in the year of purchase.  This can lead to quite a financial saving. A market leader, committed to consistent high standards, Harry Taylor has had continual CORGI registration (number 1425) since well before this became a mandatory requirement in 1991. Recognising the benefits to its customers of the BS5750 quality standard the company has been registered with SGS (UK) Ltd since 1996, and has now converted to ISO9001:2000 with its emphasis on customer focus.  CORGI is the national watchdog for gas safety in the United Kingdom until March 31st 2009. From 1 April 2009, Gas Safe Register™ will be the official stamp for gas safety in Great Britain.

Evaporative Cooling products & services

Harry Taylor using Ecocooling Evaporative Cooling solutions can solve such concerns and put an end to restrictions for cooling. Ecocoolers are simple, safe and low cost.

Simple – With only a fraction of the moving parts of an air conditioning system and requiring only basic water and electrical services, evaporative cooling is the simplest method of cooling your building. A variety of evaporative cooling installation options allows us to provide our customers with the optimum solution. from simple louvred plenums through to fabric ducts that are perfect for office environments.

Safe – Potentially dangerous organisms do not present a risk as the water in an evaporative cooling system circulates at a naturally cool temperature. Unique design and process controls prevent
water stagnation. The plastic and stainless construction avoids corrosion. A constant supply of naturally cooled air is supplied by the evaporative coolers without the use of environmentally damaging refrigerants.

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evaporative cooling

Low Cost – Typically an Ecocooling evaporative cooler is 25% of the capital cost and 10% of the running cost of a refrigerant based industrial air conditioning system. As an example an Ecocooler can produce 35kW of cooling for 1.5kW of power. This equates to one cooler providing enough cool air for 300m2 for a cost of less than 10 pence an hour.

Energy Efficiency – Ecocoolers consume 85% less electricity than conventional air conditioning systems which equates to savings of 10 tonnes of carbon per annum per cooler. You may be able to qualify for Energy Efficient Financing from the Carbon Trust and Siemens. We have invaluable experience in achieving loans for our customers.

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Dont forget to visit our how does it work section for more technical info on evaporative cooling and its benefits and in addition you can browse products from our current evaporative cooling range.

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