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Evaporative Cooling Solutions
Recent works by Harry Taylor of Ashton
Evaporative Cooling / Case Study 1/ McKenzie Clark:
Case study / McKenzie Clark: McKenzie Clark decided to move from their long established premises to a purpose built modern building next door. This move would allow them to house all their different departments in one modern building. Heating and cooling would be needed for the whole premises. McKenzie Clark has a number of multinational customers who increasingly require their suppliers to prove their environmental credentials. It was therefore extremely important for the Directors of McKenzie Clark to use energy efficient heating and cooling solutions in their new premises.

The building was designed to house specialist printing machinery on the ground floor with the office staff sharing a large open plan office on the floor above. The offices were already heated using a central heating system using efficient condensing boilers and it would have been simple to use air conditioning units to cool the offices in the summer. However Harry Taylor proposed a system using 3 Evaporative Coolers connected to a bespoke fabric duct which was designed to spread the cool air generated by the coolers throughout the open plan office.

At 25% the capital cost of air conditioning and 10% the running cost it made financial sense to use Evaporative cooling – especially as a similar system using two coolers could be used to cool the printing machines downstairs as well.  The added advantage of using evaporative cooling for the printing area is the introduction of humidity in the atmosphere which greatly assists the printing process - a humidistat is used as part of the control system for the coolers.  A gas fired suspended HT2000 RST heater was installed to heat the printing area.

In recognition of the energy saving benefits evaporative coolers bring this project was part funded by the Carbon Trust.

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Evaporative Cooling / Case Study 2 / Spandex
Barry Iddon of Spandex contacted Harry Taylor of Ashton in June 2012. Spandex needed a cooling solution for their storage area for Opaque vinyl materials fused in sign making.

Spandex are one of the world's leading trade suppliers to the Sign Making and Display Industries. They specialise in the sale, distribution and support of digital printing, cutting, routing, related materials and aluminium sign systems. Like many warehouses in the UK they were suffering the effects of heat and as can often be the case their products needed to be stored at temperatures below ambient.

Previously cooling had been achieved and maintained using an expensive refrigeration-based air conditioning system and even a complex ventilation system would be unable to match the required performance. However an Eco Cooling system offered a balanced evaporatively-cooled ventilation scheme which ensured full compliance with Spandex's requirements.

2 Eco Coolers were installed in their warehouse in Lancaster. The coolers were linked to a common control system which monitors humidity and temperature levels in the warehouse. A combination of ventilation, evaporative cooling and air throughput are regulated by an integral control system to meet temperature criteria.

Ecocooling was selected because of the greatly reduced capital cost. At approximately 25% of the installed cost of refrigeration-based cooling it represented good value but at less than 15% of the running cost substantial financial and environmental savings were also offered by our system. A single Eco Cooler, rated at 35KW, can show carbon savings up to 10,000kg per year and cost less than 15p per hour to run.

Harry Taylor will provide detailed designs for projects which can typically be installed and completed in less than one month.
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