"Energy efficiency" and "fuel consumption" are very important phrases these days.  In recent times we have seen how quickly energy prices can rise in our global economy.  We should all now also be acutely aware of the need for Energy efficiency to preserve the Earth’s finite energy resources. That is why choosing the right appliance for your premises is so important and why we at Harry Taylor of Ashton Ltd pride ourselves at being able to help our customers make the right heating choices. Read on below.
Warm air heating solutions are ideal for buildings where total heating is sought.  By this we mean where every part of the building is occupied and where an evenly distributed temperature is required throughout. 

Radiant heating systems are ideal for buildings where spot heating is sought or where there is significant unbalanced extraction.  In both of these cases wam air heating would not be a cost effective solution. 

In all situations Harry Taylor propose, where available, heaters listed on the Energy Technology List.  Under the Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme the total cost of the investment in this system can be written off against any Corporation Tax liability in the year of purchase and for larger projects we may be able to provide financial assistance if we can prove the case for an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust.

When Harry Taylor is contacted by a prospective customer we first listen to what the customer wants.  What kind of building do they have?  How will the building be used?  What kind of fuel is available?  This information helps us to propose a suitable system for the client and with our wealth of experience can help us to give a budget quotation for initial consideration. The more information we can obtain the more accurate our quotation. We always follow up budget quotations with F.O.C. site surveys during which we will take accurate measurements of the premises. We can also gauge the insulation qualities of the building fabric and understand better how the building will be used. All this information allows us to choose the best heating systems for our clients.

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