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Radiant Heating Solutions
Recent works by Harry Taylor of Ashton

Radiant Heating / Case Study 1 / The Entertainer:

In June 2010 Harry Taylor of Ashton Ltd was approached by Mr Charles Creak of the company The Entertainer. The Entertainer is a retail business specialising in Toys "On-Line" and their premises in Amersham is its main distribution centre.

The premises already had a warm air system installed which had been designed as a Frost Protection system for the sprinkler system. This consisted of 2 Powrmatic 150 kW cabinet heaters. The customer reported that even this duty was not being well performed by the heaters because they were finding that the heat being produced was being absorbed by the building and the racking within. The building is 6,000 sqm and 14.8m high.

The Company had a requirement to heat a specific area of the building where their staff were packing items for distribution. Another limiting factor was that the gas supply to the building allowed no expansion of the gas systems.

The area requiring heat covers 40m x 20m of floor space and was full height. Years of experience has taught us that Warm Air usually works best for total heating coverage and radiant heating is the ideal solution for partial heating of premises. We therefore consulted with the Ambirad design department and they recommend a "herringbone" radiant system using 4 40kW heaters positioned above the packing area. We therefore suggested that we decommission one of the cabinet heaters and used the gas for that heater to supply these radiants.

We used Ambirad Vision 40LH heaters which are listed on the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme . The installation was carried out September 2010 and the system was commissioned by the Manufacturers.

The customer has been very pleased with the performance of the system and has also reported that it has the added benefit of providing enough heat to do a better Frost protection job than the cabinet heater it replaced. Certainly the winter of 2010 /11 was one of the coldest we have experienced for many years.

The system is maintained by Harry Taylor of Ashton Ltd under our service contract which allows for an annual service visit. Subsequent to this installation we have heated a second area in July 2011. This time we installed 4 Ambirad VS20 heaters.
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Radiant Heating / Case study 2 / Simpac
In August 2008 Simpac contacted Harry Taylor of Ashton for a quotation for a heating system at their packaging company in Hull. They felt that their fuel bills were excessive and their new gas contract had shown increases that would make matters even worse. They thought that if they were to partition off the stores area and fit a new efficient heating system in the work area only, then this would solve the problem. This was logical especially in the fact that their old system was direct fired with a low system efficiency. They had even had quotations for construction of the partitioning and this was around £30,000.

When Harry Taylor visited site it was quickly realized that the partitioning would not be necessary if a radiant heating system was installed. Radiant heating is ideal for certain applications such as spot heating. A properly designed system will enable heating of a specific work area within a large space without having to heat the space. In the case of Simpac it was easy to fit radiant heaters in specific areas without having to heat the storage spaces as well. Calculations were carried out and because of the fuel savings it became apparent that the new system was eligible for a Carbon Trust Interest free loan. Loans were available from £3000-£200,000 and payback had to be made within 5 years. Sadly these no longer exist but in the case of Simpac the payback will be much less, fuel savings for January/February periods for 2009 compared to 2008 were over 290,000 kW.
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Radiant Heating / Case Study 3 / Dhamecha
The Dhamecha Group currently serves London and the South East from 7 locations - Wembley, Barking, Enfield, Croydon, Hayes and Watford and the new seventh branch in Lewisham which opened in October 2012. Harry Taylor was first asked to redesign the heating system at the Dhamecha premises in Barking. An existing radiant heating system had to be adapted to suit Dhamecha's store layout. The existing radiant tube heaters were perfect to heat the checkout area of the store, but these units only produced localised heat. In order to provide full coverage an uneconomical number of additional radiant heaters would have been needed. Harry Taylor's solution was to install a number of the largest Modine gas fired unit heaters at strategic points around the store to create welcome pools of warmth for the benefit of customers and staff alike.

This solution worked well for Dhamecha so when the group decided to open their Croydon, Enfield, Hayes, Watford & now Lewisham Cash and Carry stores they asked Harry Taylor of Ashton to produce systems based on the Barking formula with radiant heaters for the checkout area & Modine warm air heaters to provide background heating throughout the rest of the store. They even replaced the heaters at their original Wembley branch.

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