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HT2000 - VNO and VNG cabinet heaters
Oil, gas & propane fired cabinet heaters
Energy efficient
Fast warm up
Building Regulation & CE Compliant Models
Comfort and warmth when and where needed
Controlled automatic operation
Extended guarantees
Simple installation
Compact design

Warm air heating / HT2000 - VNO & VNG heaters Product range information:

Warm air heating is long proven as a comfortable low cost heating solution for most industrial, commercial and horticultural buildings. Design experience accumulated over more than forty years has combined with modern computer integrated technology to provide a range of cabinet heaters renowned for robust construction, reliability and economy.
1 Throw is dependent on building height, room temperature and nozzle settings.
2 Gas/oil lines must be adequately sized and reduced at appliance as required
3 Noise levels measured at 5 metres from appliance.
1. Heaters with 3 or 4 nozzles are supplied with extended head on the rear nozzle(s). For applications with restricted headroom, units may be specicfied with all nozzles at standard height. Please note this table is for verical heater dimensions only.
A range of oil and gas fired cabinet heaters, generally vertical floor mounted but also available in horizontal and reverseflow configuration suitable for factories, workshops, warehouses, greenhouses and many other commercial premises.

Building Regulations & CE Approval:
All our cabinet heaters are designed with fuel efficiency in mind and meet the efficiency requirements of Part L2B of current Building Regulations as well as applicable CE legislation.

The casing is robotically formed from electro zinc coated steel sheet and finished with a durable stove hardened epoxy polyester powder paint whilst the combustion chamber/heat exchanger is formed and welded from 304/316 stainless and grade HR4 steel.

Every heater is individually inspected, test fired and safety function tested prior to despatch.

Heaters are provided with one of the most comprehensive guarantee packages available -
Year One: Parts and labour
Year Two: Parts

High efficiency pressure jet oil or forced draught gas suitable for operation on 35 second light fuel oil, kerosene (most models), natural
gas or lpg propane and complete with flame monitoring safety controls.

Heaters are ready for automatic operation after the simple connection of the time and temperature control. We offer a fully optimised control which includes a secure entry code facility, temperature dependant start time, digital time switch with override facility, electronic day & frost protection thermostats and can be set to run on “fan only” to enable summer air movement.

Air Distribution:
Via a quiet yet powerful centrifugal fan set with directional nozzles which discharge the warm air directly into the area to be heated. Alternatively a spigot outlet can be provided for ductwork systems with filter and fresh air inlet options available.

Southern office: 020 8464 0915 / Northern office: 0161 308 4550
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