Warm air heating systems for industrial and commercial buildings

A free blowing warm air system is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating industrial buildings. It is better value than a wet system with boilers & unit heaters or radiators & has a faster speed of response.  Harry Taylor is a specialist in warm air systems using gas or oil fired, suspended or floor standing heaters, which meet most heating requirements.  Harry Taylor advises on the most suitable warm air equipment and systems to meet customers’ needs.

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Heating solutions for:
Offices, factorys, warehouses,
industrial buildings, workshops,
business parks, retail outlets &
large commercial developments

Warm air heating products & services:

From our range of energy efficient equipment we will design heating systems minimising carbon usage & therefore running cost.

Harry Taylor has been providing heating solutions since 1925.  We specialise in working with our customers to provide the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions for their premises.

Whether you are operating from a small commercial premises or a large industrial facility we have the experience and expertise to provide the right heating system for you.

Harry Taylor provides tried and trusted heating products installed and serviced by highly qualified engineers.  We are not just interested in selling heaters - we want to make sure that our systems continue to operate at maximum efficiency through the preventive maintenance and service contracts we offer.

Suspended Unit warm air heaters

warm air heaters

Where space is at a premium unit heaters come into their own. Suspended from the roof or off brackets from the wall, unit heaters take up little useful space. Unit heaters are always equipped with horizontal louvres to help push the warm air to ground level. Vertical louvres by giving side to side movement help spread the warm air throughout the building.

Floor standing cabinet warm air heaters

warm air heater

Cabinet heaters are installed on the ground and therefore take up floor space. They come either ready for connection to ductwork or with nozzles to give direction to the flow of warm air. They are therefore able to heat more than one area because the nozzles or ducts can take the air to where it is required.

Long before the phrase “Carbon Footprint” was coined, Harry Taylor was committed to energy efficiency.  The products we specify have always more than met the efficiency standards applicable at the time and we were quick to realise the benefits that our association with the Carbon Trust would bring to our customers.  Accessories like the Eliturbo destratification fan and the Heatmiser optimised controller have further enhanced our commitment to both our customers and the Environment.                 

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