Harry Taylor provide a variety of accessories to support and further enhance the solutions we provide. Accessories include varieties of destratification fans, temperature controllers and building management systems. Our accessories are carefully chosen for energy efficiency and performance. Please browse through our accessories using the catalogue below.
A breakthrough in electric fan design. Eliturbo fans can lead to a 30% reduction in running costs. Reduces temperature & humidity stratification.
A self learning single zone optimiser designed for both warm air and radiant applications and includes a built-in sensor. Includes built-in security codes.
Recoupak destratification fans are designed to provide a permanent reduction in roof space temperature.
A Building Management System is a controller designed to run a building as efficiently as possible, usually from one central location. 
These quiet but powerful fans re - circulate the warm air down onto the working zone. Improves circulation of warmth and reduces fuel usage.
Harry Taylor PDF technical library
Our technical library contains downloadable product sheets for all the products we supply and install. These PDF's can be used for offline review and printing.
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