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Impellor sweep destratification fans
Recirculates warm air down onto the working zone
Reduces fuel usage
Improves distribution of warmth
Speed controls available
Simple installation
Quiet yet powerful
Elegant, durable and reliable
Impellor sweep destratification fans
These quiet but powerful fans re-circulate the warm air down onto the working zone. When operated in conjunction with speed controls a comfortable working environment can be created without draughts.


Motor hub: Manufactured from diecast aluminium ensures elegance, durability and reliability.

Blades: Each fan has three precision formed, dynamically balanced blades.

Controls: We offer a simple five-speed one-fan controller and a variable speed one to three fans controller for conveniance and ease of installation.

Air distribution : The fans gently move warm air back down to the lower working level with speed controls offering a variation on air volume amounts.

Guarantee*: Sweep fans are provided with a twelve month guarantee.



Firstly: Select the fan unit to suit the mounting height requirments. ideally the fan/s should be positioned above the lighting system and with a clearance of at least 750mm between the blades and the roof. The minimum height should take account of any obstruction and safety of personnel, minimum recommended 2.5m.

Secondly: Calculate the buildings floor area in square meters, then divide the result by the floor area coverage for the fan size selected. Bear in mind that the floor area coverage is based on maximum mounting height and this reduces if the fans are mounted lower.

Thirdly: Check the maximum distance between the fans and the minimum clearance from the walls.

*Guarantees and warranties subject to terms and conditions. It is our policy to pursue a programme of continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change model types, specifications and prices without prior notice. Details are believed to be correct but do not form the basis of any contract or guarantee. All orders accepted subject to our standard conditions of sale. Copy available on request.

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