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Recoupak destratification fans
High performance low cost warm air heating
Reduces fuel usage
Automatic operation
Improves distribution of warmth
Designed to provide a permanent
reduction in roof space temperature
Quiet yet powerful axial fan
Returns wasted heat back into the
working zone
Recoupak destratification fans
Recoupak de-stratification fans are designed to provide a permanent reduction in roof space temperature. Automatic in operation, each fan unit is fitted with an integral thermostat which is activated by temperature rise thereby operating the quiet yet powerful axial fan and gently returning the previously wasted heat back into the working zone.


Casing: Manufactured from electro zinc coated steel sheet finished with a durable stove enamelled epoxy polyester powder paint. Four eye bolt suspension points are provided. Purpose designed fixing kit available as an option.

Controls: Recoupak fans are supplied ready for automatic operation with installation only requiring mounting and the connection of a single phase electrical supply. Each fan is fitted with an integral thermostat which makes on temperature rise.

Air distribution: The in-built thermostat prevents the premature discharge of cold air. automatically operating the fan on temperature rise gently re-directing the warm air downwards through an adjustable four way louvre.

Testing: Every fan is individually inspected and tested prior to despatch.

Guarantee*: Benson recoupak fans are provided with a 12 month guarantee.

Firstly: Select the fan unit to suit the mounting height requirments ideally the fan/s should be positioned about one metre under the highest roof point or apex.

Secondly: Calculate the building volume in cubic metres, then multiply the volume by two so that the fans displace the building air volume twice each hour.

Thirdly: To determine the number of fans required divide the result of the building volume multiplied by two by the fan displacement (As measured in cubic metres per hour)

*Guarantees and warranties subject to terms and conditions. It is our policy to pursue a programme of continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change model types, specifications and prices without prior notice. Details are believed to be correct but do not form the basis of any contract or guarantee. All orders accepted subject to our standard conditions of sale. Copy available on request.

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